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12/21/2000  Mike Stuhlmiller  Bradenton, FL   
Wow... I'm the first one to sign! 
12/25/2000  Eliz/Mom/Betty  Bradenton   
Thanks, Mike! This is great! 
12/25/2000  The Watters  Perkasie   
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you for all your Christmas gifts. Did you know that we had a new kitchen done? The teapot, sugar, creamer and salt and pepper go so well in the new scheme! The fall got away from me. Your gifts will be 
12/25/2000  Carole  Blooming Glen   
Mike needed to leave more room to write. Of course, I am just a wordy person. Your Christmas gifts will be coming. Have a ball in Holland. I want to see pictures!!! 
12/26/2000  Christine Stuhlmiller  Indianapolis, IN   
Happy Holidays all! This was such a wonderful idea. Dave and I will send pictures and the family tree soon. 
12/27/2000  David  Indianapolis   
Well, from meager beginnings we will make this site something special. As special as our family is, it won't be a problem! 
01/02/2001  Krys  New York, NY   
Hello and Happy New Year to the Stuhlmiller Crew. ---- Mike aka: almighty guru... I like what you've done here. picture part is neato (love the captions) Wanna be my webmaster? 
01/06/2001  Peter J. Stuhlmiller  Salinas, CA   
Just browsing around and noticed the last name. I am the second son of Bob & Jane (Maghran) Stuhlmiller of Buffalo, NY--could this be the website of my cousin, Dave? Great idea! 
01/15/2001  F. Jerrell Schivers  New York   
Hello?? Is this thing on??  
01/23/2001  Liz Melein  Holland   
I hope you had a good time in weert. I really enjoyd it. Xander loves his toy. Thanks again for every thing you brought us.Hope to see you soon again. Love Liz  
01/29/2001  Barry & Mary Smith  Charlotte, NC   
It was great to hear from you. Sorry we missed you that day we were there! Hope things are going well for you. We are moving to another place in Charlotte, will be in touch once we get moved! Take care and God bless. 
03/28/2001  Carole  Perkasie   
Mike, Fabulous shots of Paree!! Did you take them? Most looked like postcards. Marveilleux! 
03/30/2001  Jayleen Hille  Quincy, WA, USA   
My grandmother's maiden name is Stuhlmiller, and up until last year, I also lived on Stuhlmiller Road, which was named for my great-grandfather who settled up here. I was wondering if we might be related? 
02/10/2002  John C. Stuhlmiller  Rochester, New York   
Just checkin the domain name good job 
05/14/2002  Kaitlin Stuhlmiller  Okalhoma City,OK   
Hey! I am not related to any of you but, I am also a Stuhlmiller!  
06/23/2002  Roland Mayer  D-73274 Notzingen/Germany  mayer-fertigungstechnik@t-online   
Greatings from Germany - my mother's name is Stuhlmueller 
11/04/2002  Derek Stuhlmiller  Bismarck, North Dakota   
im not related to u but this is a cool website  
01/15/2003  Chase Betz  prefer to be annonymous  N/a   
im a mexican, and im friends with derek stuhlmiller  
01/23/2003  brian maghran  Geosse Ile, MI   
I am a cousin of the Stuhlmiller's from Buffalo NY 
03/02/2003  Stuhlmiller  Augsburg,Germany   
We´re not related to you, but we´re still searching relations! Please mail me if you know some, living in the 1880´s at Germany!Greetings to all stuhlmillers!  
05/16/2003  Debbie Friedrichs  Washington DC   
I have STUHLMILLER[20], STUHLMILLER - BUTLER[2], STUHLMUELLER[1], STUHLMULLER[35], STUHLMÜLLER[188] in my family line at rootsweb site  
05/19/2003  Edna Watters  Seattle, WA   
My maiden name is Stuhlmiller. I am of the Bavarian family. 
03/03/2004  P.J. Stuhlmiller  salinas,ca   
hey im of the german stuhlmiller's but im not sure if im related to you guys but i probably am. 
04/21/2004  Kaitlin Stuhlmiller  Oklahoma City, Ok   
Hey! I'm Jom Stuhlmiller's daughter? Wut ^? 
04/21/2004  Kaitlin Stuhlmiller  Oklahoma City, OK   
I meant Jim Stuhlmiller's Daughter, not Jom, lol  
04/25/2004  Kris Stuhlmiller  Carson City, NV  mr.kris@excite   
I'm the Grandson of George Sr.and Anna Stuhlmiller. They came to America in the early 1930's and had Three children, Robert(no kids),Emily(no kids)and George Jr. who had Three Childern, Derrick(Died 9/26/82),Kim and Kris.Are we related?  
12/21/2004  dan maghran  arizona   
Hey, I have a brother named Brian Maghran and a cousin name Peter Stuhlmiller; coincidence?!!!! I think not! 
03/27/2005  Elizabath Maghran  Portland, Oregon   
Hey I am niece of Robert and Jane Stulmiller and not coincidentally sister of Brian and Dan Maghran 
03/27/2005  Brendan Maghran  Buffalo, NY   
I am a great nephew of Robert and Jane Stulmiller 
04/13/2005  george stuhlmiller  oak lawn il.   
i ran across this web page and wonder if we are part of the same clan. im the son of george and rosemary, grandson of george and emma. 
06/06/2005  krys  bordercore   
i haven't been online since the last time we spoke. who am i? i don't have a website. no home... :( what happened to all my homeys callmedammit. writemerealtimeokay?orcall... missyou. *hug*  
08/07/2005  David J. Stuhlmiller  Houston, TX   
Howdy Ya'll, Didn't realized there were so many "others". I am the grandson of Elsie & Carl Stuhlmiller of the Buffalo, NY area and the son of Allan C. Stuhlmiller & Suzanne M. Kumpf of Gowanda & Dunkirk, NY. I'll pass this web page to my sibs. Thanks!! 
08/29/2005  Peter Jason Stuhlmiller  Salinas, Ca   
Hey everyone, im PJ, my dad is Peter James Stuhlmiller, His dad is Robert Charles Stuhlmiller, anyone related? 
09/07/2005  Danny Stuhlmiller  Mebane, NC   
GEEEEZ......... I didn't know there were so many Stuhlmiller's. I'm related to the Stuhlmiller's who made this site. Hi Family! 
10/09/2005  Judy Stuhlmiller Glass  Troy, NY   
I am the daughter of Robert andJane Stuhlmiller from Buffalo, NY; sister of Peter James Stuhlmiller. I noticed he mentioned that this site might be created by our cousin, David. If so, would you contact me so we could chat? 
10/10/2005  Peter Jason Stuhlmiller  Salinas, Ca   
Hello everyone, i am just posting to inform everyone of my father's death (Peter James Stuhlmiller) in early September. 
11/10/2005  Jenna Eleni Stuhlmiller  Glen Mills, PA   
Hey, I know Im related to some of the people on here, but I dont know of all of them. I am the daughter of Paul Andrew Stuhlmiller, who is the son of Robert C. Stuhlmiller and Jane Magran Stuhlmiller. Do any of you know any of these people?? Email me at, I just love knowing who's on my family tree lol. TTyL! 
12/01/2005  Peter C. Stuhlmiller       
What a great site! I am the son of Don E. Stuhlmiller - related to Robert and Jane Stuhlmiller. I will try to follow up for more info. thanks 
01/06/2006  Josef Michael Stuhlmiller  Bavaria/Ingolstadt/Ringsee   
Hallo all!! Im From germany and find this page. is there who cames from bavaria? My birthyear is 1932! I hope that someone can help me!! thanks Josh